Corn Zein Extraction and Utilization in Preparation of Edible and Biodegradable Films

A. A. Al-Bayati, M. T. Al-Kaisey, M. J. Hindi


This study has been carried out in order to extract corn zein and using it in the preparation of edible and biodegradable films. Corn zein was extracted as yellow powder from corn gluten meal (a by–product of corn starch industry). The protein content of the powder was 92.37% while its yield and recovery percentages were 27.25% and 37.44%, respectively. The laboratory-extracted zein was used in the preparation of edible and biodegradable films. The fabricated films were characterized by being self-standing, transparent, tasteless, odorless, clear, homogenous, bendable, glossy, flexible and of yellow color. Their thickness ranged between 0.096 and 0.099mm and their drying time at 30-35°C was 3-4 hours, while their tensile strength and the percentage of elongation at break, ranged between 16.64 and 21.90MPa and between 7.0 and 21.8%, respectively. The water vapor permeability ranged between 0.41 and 0.63, and the water solubility between 13.59 and 17.47%.
The results of this study showed the possibility of corn zein extraction from the corn gluten meal by using ethanol (90%). The extracted zein kept its functionality and ability to form edible films of acceptable mechanical and barrier properties, which could be utilized in food packaging.


Corn zein extraction, Edible and biodegradable films, Food packaging

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