Some Factors Affecting the Wheel Slip of a 2WD Farm Tractor

Amer M. Mamkagh


This experiment was conducted at the Agricultural Research Station at Mu’tah University, where the soil is a sandy clay loam, to determine the effect of three levels of soil moisture content (7, 11 and 15 %) with a moldboard, disc and chisel plow set at plowing depths of 20 and 25 cm during the experiment on wheel slip of two-wheel drive agricultural tractor. The results showed that the tractor wheel slip was highest for the moldboard plow and lowest for the chisel plow and significantly (p<0.05) increased with increasing plowing depth and with reducing soil moisture content. The interaction effect of plowing depth, soil moisture and used plow type showed that the optimal tractor wheel slippage during the experiment was 9.3%. This result was obtained from plowing by a chisel plow at 20 cm plowing depth and 15% soil moisture.


Farm tractor, Wheel slip, Plow, Plowing depth, Soil moisture

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