Correlation & Path Coefficient Analysis for Yield and Some of Its Components in Species Acsad-65 by using Bio-fertilizer EM1

Ghada A .T . EL-Hamadany, Khawla A . S . EL-Gibury


This study was undertaken to evaluate the Correlation & path coefficient analysis for yield and some of its components in species Acsad-65 by using Bio-fertilizer EM1 as a factor to increase the grain- yield trait and its components. The factorial experiment was adopted using Randomized Complete Block Design with three replicates. The factor was EM1 with the dose of (4 ml .l-1). During the growing season 2012-2013, a highly positive significant genetic correlation of grains yield with: heading time, plant height, number of spikes plant-1, number of spikelet's spike-1 and number of grains spike-1. The number of spikes plant-1 had the highest positive genetic effect on the grains yield using EM1.


correlation, path coefficient, EMI.

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