Econometric Analysis of the Cost Functions of Sugar Beet Cultivation in Idleb Province, Syria

Moammar Dayoub


A study on the econometric analysis of the cost function of sugar beet cultivation was conducted in Idleb province for two consecutive seasons. A random sample of 92 sugar beet growers was selected. An ad hoc survey was carried out to evaluate the economic and production efficiency of different sugar beet varieties. In the first season, the results showed that the productivity estimating at 80191.2 kg/ha, at minimum cost, had shifted by 26.7% from the economic scale. Moreover, the optimal area achieving the lowest cost in the first season was 3.9 ha, negatively shifting by 43.6% from the actual area. Sampled farmers' average landholding was 2.2 ha. In the second season, the productivity at minimum cost was 96583.5 kg/ha, shifting by 33.6% from its economic scale. The optimal area meeting the lowest cost was 6.3 ha, negatively shifting by 57.2% from the actual area. Sampled farmers' average landholding was 2.8 ha. The study stressed the importance of the aggregation of farmers' areas to reduce production costs and achieve better return at less costs.


sugar beet, production and economic efficiency, cost function.

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