Estimate Genetic Parameters for Some of The Physical Characteristics of the Blood in the Japanese Quail Bird Black and Its Relationship to the Characteristics of Egg Production

Samawa'l Al-Takreete


This study was conducted at the animal farm, Department of animal production, College of Agriculture - University of Tikrit during the period of 15/9/2009 to 1/5/2010. The breeding birds was 150 Japanese quail black feathers selected at weeks five for body weight characters affect that distributor progeny to half sips families of each family containing one male and three females. The packed cell volume (PCV ), packed red blood cells , white blood cells and the concentration of hemoglobin were 38.99% , 2.65 million cells / mm3 , 26.30 103 cells / ml and 11.82 g / 100 ml, respectively. While the values of the genetic equivalents 0.32 and 0.24 and 0.29 and 0.30, respectively. The characteristics of egg production was the rate of egg weight and average number of eggs produced percent during the first days of the beginning of the development of the first egg and the rate of egg mass 11.06 grams and 74.28 grams egg and 821.54, respectively. The results showed that all of the volume of packed blood cells and the number of red blood cells and the concentration of hemoglobin correlated phenotypic and genetically negative and highly significant with egg production quantity studied while the correlation phenotypic and genetic between the number of white blood cells with the characteristics of egg production is positive. We conclude that the possibility of improving the qualities of egg production depending on the characteristics of some blood with (packed cell volume and red blood cell count and concentration of hemoglobin) because of the correlations genetic and phenotypic high significant and heritability medium and high for traits blood.


quail , phonotypic and genetic correlation, egg weight ,egg number , blood

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