Factors Affecting the Lactation Length of Holstein Cows in Syrian Coast

A. O. Al-Masri, M. AL-Dakkak


This study was conducted at Fedio Dairy Station belongs to the General organization for cattle in Lattakia to determine the lactation length and factors affecting in it. A total of 4706 production records of 2891 Holstein cows obtained between the period 1989 and 2012 were exposed according to General Linear Model, and analysis of variance was used to determine the lactation length and the effect of calving year, calving season, parity and interactions on the calving interval, by SAS 9 program. The overall mean of lactation length was 346.82±1.37 days, and significantly affected) P < 0.001) by calving year, calving season and parity, and) P < 0.01) by interaction between calving and season year. However, there were no significant effects for other interactions on the lactation Period. In conclusion, the insemination of cows during 2-3 months postpartum and drying off for 1.5-2 months prior to the next calving could help obtaining the optimal lactation length to increase economic efficiency at station.


Lactation length, Calving year, Calving season, Holstein cattle, Syria.

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