Effect of Green Manure and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Nitrogen Uptake, Content and Its Distribution among Different Cotton Plant Parts in AL-Ghab Plain

Wassim Yousef Adlah, Awadis Arslan, Abdel-ghani Khorshid


The research was carried out at AL-Ghab Research Center during 2009-2011 seasons using split plot design with three replications, to study the effect of mineral and Organic nitrogen fertilization on N uptake of cotton plant. Four levels of mineral nitrogen fertilization (0-80-160-240 kg N/ha) were used and five green manure treatments (GM0: without green manure, GM1: peas, GM2: Faba Bean, GM3: Vetch, GM4: Barley/Vetch mixture). The results showed that cotton crop parts responded differently to treatments, where the N content in the leaves increased significantly at all levels of the nitrogen fertilization compared with control at flowering and maturity stages in both seasons. While effect of nitrogen fertilization and green manure were not significant on the nitrogen content in stem and Fruiting Forms, while the nitrogen uptake affected by the tow kinds of fertilization significantly on all plant parts compared with control at flowering stage in both seasons, and the best treatment which gave the highest productivity was GM1N160 reaching 4784.7, 6141.1 kg/ha of cotton lint in both seasons, respectively.


Cotton, Green Manure, Nitrogen Uptake

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