The Effect of Pollen Grains of Pistacia vera and Pistacia atlantica (unisexual and hermaphrodite) on Quality Parameters of Ashoury and Batoury Pistachio Cultivars

Najwa Motaeb Alhajjar, Bayan Mohammed Muzher, Faisal Hamed


The research was conducted at the pistachio orchards in Swaida Province throughout 2011-2012 seasons on two Pistacia vera female cultivars (Ashoury and Batoury) using 7 male Pistacia spp. pollinizers as male strains (3 P.vera genotypes: Early, Med and Late- 3 hermaphrodite P.atlantica genotypes: PA12, PA35 and PA37 - 1 male P.atlantica genotype: PM3, which were compared with open pollination as control). Pollen viability was carried out through 1-2 days before pollination, and after 20 days of pollen collection for IKI and TTC tests, respectively. In both tests, the hermaphrodite P.atlantica (PA37, PA35) genotypes gave the highest pollen fertility percentages, and the least viability ratio was in P.vera Early genotype. The ability of these pollinators was evaluated according to the most important economic criteria as: nut diameters, sphericity, nuts set percentage, loss nuts percentage (blank and fallen nuts percentage), and split nut percentage. The results indicated to significantly optimization of hermaphrodite P.atlantica genotypes (PA37- PA35) in comparison with all other tested male genotypes on the two pistachio cultivars of the most important studied parameters.


Pistacia vera, Pistacia atlantica, pollen viability, IKI, TTC, hermaphrodite

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