Effect of Adopting the Irrigation sugar beet Farmers of Underground Water for Technique in Spray on Using Water and Their Production in the North Region

كنان فواز كمال الدين


The research aims to study the effect of the adoption of the winter beet farmers irrigated from groundwater for irrigation technique sprinkler on using water and its productivity, and determine the relation between the amount of water provided to the crop and productivity of each of the two ways of irrigation (spray, surface).
To fulfill the research aims, the data were collected from a random sample consisting of (140) farmers from agricultural stability zones 1.2 of the North region by a personal interview questionnaire in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.
The results showed that the average amount of water provided for winter beet in the first region for surface irrigation 11078 m3.h-1 versus 8246 m3.h-1 for sprinkler irrigation, and water productivity 6.24 kg.m-3for the irrigation sprinkler versus 4.11 kg.m-3 for the irrigation surface, and the second level of this region amounted to an average 12083 m3.h-1 for surface irrigation versus 9459 m3.h-1 for irrigation sprinkler. In addition, water productivity reached 3.89 kg.m-3 for surface irrigation versus 6.02 kg.m-3for irrigation sprinkler, as sp.h-1 the cost of irrigation (74783) sp.h-1 for sprinkler irrigation versus. 80511 sp.h-1 for superficial in the first region, and 82683 sp.h-1 for the spray versus 87861 sp.h-1 for superficial in the second, as the net profit 30356 sp.h-1 for the spray was compared to 12224 sp.h-1 for superficial in the first region and 20405 sp.h-1 for the spray versus 4953 sp.h-1 for superficial in the second
The results of the research have shown a strong relation from the second degree (Y= a+ bX+cX2) between quantity of water presented and the yield production where R2 reached its highest value of this model According to the regions studied agricultural stability (first, second) and irrigation methods used (modern and traditional) were from which to determine the amount of irrigation water that achieve great yield


Sprinkler irrigation, quantity of water, sugar beet


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