Effects estimation of Dittrichia viscosa L’s aqueous extracts in combination with bio-adjuvant Silena fuscata on Chaitophorus leucomelas Koch.1854 (Homoptera: Aphididae) and on biocenotic resumption of functional groups

Fatma zohra TCHAKER


Phytosanitary interventions present harmful effects on environment and favour development of noxious insects resisting to active materials. Copious works took an interest to research of alternative methods to pesticides. Our Study aim is to increase extracts toxicity of plant with insecticide activity and to evaluate global efficiency of bio-active molecules. Results have shown important effect of aqueous extracts from Dittrichia viscosa on the availability of Chaitophorus leucomelas with a moderate resumption under the effect of extracts compared to the action of active substance. Analyses show that aqueous extract ratio of Dittrichia / Silena has an effect more toxic on C. leucomelas compared to aqueous extract of the whole Dittrichia viscosa plant and extracts of different organs. Results point out the great discrepancy related to the structuring and arrival order of functional groups under different stress. Biocenotic resumption of functional groups is important under biologic stress effect compared to chemical stress.


Active substance; aqueous extract; insecticide activity; Populus nigra; residual population.

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