Gene Expression of Brucella melitensis Bacteria aapJ Gene in E. coli

Hiba Mohammad, Mahmod kweder, Ayman Al Mariri


The problem of brucellosis disease has increased due to economic losses resulting from the impact of brucellosis on animals, especially the production of milk and its derivatives. The latter are the main source of income for most countries of the world that depend on animals as their primary source of food and therefore, this effect has been reflected directly on humans. Many efforts have been attempted to prevent the spread of brucellosis disease by the development of an effective vaccine, which is designed to produce antigens with high efficiency. Many of proteins encoding gens that are responsible for virulence in the brucellosis, have been studied, isolated, and then expressed. In this study, the expressed AapJ protein was extracted then purified with tag affinity chromatography. The analysis using SDS-PAGE showed that the purified protein has a molecular weight of around 27 kDa. The recombinant protein immunity was investigated by enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA).


B. melitensis, aapJ gene, overexpressed, purified, ELISA.

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