Quantitative Analysis for the Production and Marketing of Sheep in Hama Governorate

Khaled saba a,Najjar, Abdul Ghani Abdul Latif, Mohammed Bashar AL_shalk, khetam Edrees


The research aims at studying the production and marketing status of lamb in Hama governorate, as well as to highlight the problems and obstacles that are being suffered by breeders, and through the basis of survey for the sample of the sheep owners, and according pattern of production system (resident – semi-nomadic– nomadic). Descriptive and econometric analyses were applied for the costs and returns and Regression analysis with equation was conducted to estimate the economic models of the marketing costs function, to reach the average product and marginal costs function, as well as the marketed economical standard sizes. The analysis results have shown that the total production costs were higher for nomadic breeders where they amounted to (2893) sp/sheep/year, against (2720) sp/sheep/year for semi-nomadic breeders and (2245) sp/sheep/year for the resident breeders, which was reflected on the net return, where the marketing costs amounted to a percentage of (4.6 %), (3.6%), (2.9%) of the total costs according to the breeding system, resident, semi-nomadic and nomadic. The marketed economical amount was obtained that realize the marketing economical efficiency for the sheep of each breeding system, where they were estimated of about (41), (61), (88) sheep according the breeding system studied, and the optimal marketing cost is about (86.71), (83.85), (84.23) sp frequently, and upon being compared with the current marketing cost it was found that it exceeds its same that affected through the efficiency of the three economical types, as well as measuring of the marketing efficiency was done and it has been found that it is increased in percentage for nomadic breeders amounting to (97.09%) due to the decrease of marketing costs up to (84.23) sp/sheep, in spite of the total cost increase, followed by the seasonal breeders amounting to (96.38%), however the marketing efficiency of the resident breeders has decreased up to (95.34%) which is the minimum among the different breeding types studied.


Descriptive Economic Analysis, The Marketing Efficiency, Functions of Marketing Costs, Standard Economical Sizes, Sheep Meet.

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