Cryopreservation by Encapsulation-Dehydration of Aerides multiflora Roxb. Protocorms

Sumontip Bunnag, Jatuporn Hongthongkham


This study was undertaken to establish an effective protocol for storage of Aerides multiflora Roxb. protocorms using encapsulation-dehydration method. To establish an efficient protocol for cryopreservation using encapsulation-dehydration method, protocorms were encapsulated in Ca-alginate, followed by preculture with sucrose. Prior to storage in liquid nitrogen (LN), encapsulated protocorms were dehydrated by air-drying. The efficient protocol for cryopreservation was achieved by the pretreatment of encapsulated protocorms in 0.7 M sucrose for 24 hrs, followed by 5 hrs of dehydration (16.21 % MC fresh weight basis) before storage in LN. The encapsulated protocorms cooled to -196 °C produced a high level of survival (93.33%). Flow cytometry showed that no genetic alterations occurred after cryostorage in LN. This method is promising for cryogenic storage of A. multiflora protocorms.


Aerides multiflora; cryopreservation; encapsulation-dehydration; flow cytometry

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