Growth Performance, Haematology and Meat Quality Of Broiler Chickens Fed Rumen Liquor-Fermented Wheat Bran-Based Diets

Aanuoluwapo Adeyemi Adesua, Gbenga Emmanuel Onibi


The objective of this study was to evaluate the chemical composition of wheat bran fermented with rumen liquor and its effect on performance and meat quality of broiler chickens. Wheat Bran (WB) was fermented using rumen liquor as source of microbes for 3 days. The unfermented and fermented WB were used to formulate experimental diets at 0, 10, 20 and 30% to give 7 dietary treatments. Two hundred and ten 4-week old Hubbard chicks were allocated to the treatments in a completely randomized design. After the 3-day fermentation, crude protein content was 15.33 and 16.82% for unfermented and fermented WB, respectively. Final weight, total weight gain and feed conversion ratio were not (P > 0.05) influenced by dietary treatments. The diets promoted similar carcass, meat and haematological characteristics. In summary, fermented wheat bran can be included in broiler-chicken finisher diets without significant adverse effects on their performance, haematology and meat quality.


Wheat bran, fermentation, rumen liquor, performance, meat quality, broiler chickens.

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