First Record of Two Paradiplozoon (Monogenea) from Cyprinid Fishes in Iraq

Maysaa Ibraheem Al-Jubori, Fatima Shihab Al-Nasiri


During the period from July to the end of October 2012, a total of 92 specimens of Cyprinid fishes (15 Aspius vorax, 77 Cyprinion macrostomum) were collected from Tigris river passing through Tikrit city, Salah Al-Deen province. The gills of these fishes examined microscopically for monogenean parasites belonging to the family Diplozoidae. Five specimens of Paradiplozoon ergensi and one specimen Paradiplozoon rutili were detected in the gills of one Aspius vorax fish. Moreover, two specimens of Paradiplozoon rutili were detected in one Cyprinion macrostomum fish. This is the first record of Paradiplozoon ergensi and Paradiplozoon rutili in Iraq. A description and morphometrics of these two parasites are presented.


Paradiplozoon, Monogenea, fishes, Iraq.

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