Effects of NaCl and KCl on physiological aspects of two canola varieties

Shahram Riahinia


In order to investigation reaction of physiologic morphological traits in canola in early growth stages an experiment was conducted at the green house conditions. Treatments consist of NaCl in four levels, two levels of KCl and two varieties of canola. Results showed that amount of photosynthesis in RGs003 in compare of Licord and control treatment increased 67 and 14 percent respectively in T5 treatment. The stomata conductivity was greater from applied T5 treatment than other treatments except of control. The maximum biomass was observed in Licord which increased 34 percent in compared of other variety in T5 treatment. Dry root weight in RGs003 was greater than Licord variety. Results of coefficient regressions were showed positive relation between morphological traits in any level of salinity stress that is a necessity to do more investigation in range of these compositions biomass and leaf area (R2=0.86) than biomass and relative water content (R2=0.66)

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