Effect of Freezing on Chemical Properties of Cooked Chicken Meat

L. D. Al-Doori


This study was conducted to determine the effect of cooking by boiling and freezing period on the chemical properties, cholesterol content  and caloric value of cooked chicken breast and thigh stored at -18± 2 ºC for 90 days. Approximate analysis including moisture, protein, fat, ash, carbohydrates and cholesterol content for each breast, thigh and broth was performed each 30 days. Moisture and cholesterol significantly decreased  (P<0.05) , whereas protein , fat , ash and carbohydrates increased in cooked breast , thigh and the broth of each .The predicting equations of the caloric value showed that fat and protein contents were more affected . However, fat content was more affected at the beginning of the storage period , whereas the effect on protein was at the end of it .                               


Chicken meat, Chicken meat cooking, Chicken meat chemical properties, Chicken meat cholesterol

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