Sustainable Breeding Program of Black Bedouin Goat for Conserving Genetic Diversity: Simulated Scenarios for In Situ Conservation

Raed M. Al-Atiyat


Asimulated conservation breeding program was designed for Black Bedouin goat to maintain genetic diversity rather than improving performance traits under subtropical conditions of Jordan. ZPLAN+ software was used considering a close breeding scheme of nucleus, multiplier and commercial unites. Four simulated scenarios utilized phenotypic and genetic parameters of various selection criteria and three breeding objectives; conservation, milk and meat production. The results showed that a drastic reduction of genetic gain for milk and meat production of ten-year breeding program and for meat production, milk production and conservation as independent breeding programs after fifth year. For integrated program of the three traits the genetic gain and kids' survivability were maintained with reasonable average genetic gain for production traits. Breeding in favor of meat and/or milk production probably lead to a reduction in census size of the goat resulting in loss of genetic diversity. Therefore, setting up a sustainable in-situ conservation breeding program for Black Bedouin goat to maintain genetic diversity is recommended


Black Bedouin Goat, Subtropics, Breeding Scenarios

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