The Monetary Value of Ecosystem Services Provided by Insects (A case study for selected crops in Jordan)

Amin O. Shammout, Nizar Haddad, Omar Abuobeid


This study aims to conduct an assessment of the free benefits derived from pollination which is obtained by ecosystem services provided by insects, including honeybee. These benefits occur as a result of improving productivity and quality. According to the outcomes of this study are the value of ecosystem services provided by insects from (34) selected crops to Jordan economy were JD (91.9) million, which equals $130 million that represents (33%) of the total value of the choosing crops’ production. Moreover, an approximate value of estimation due to honeybee pollination, which totally reached to JD (73.6) million, that contribute about (27%) of the total value of chosen crops’ production, and are more than (26.3) times of the total value of Jordan domestic honey production (186 Ton ≈ 2.8 million JD). Self-Sufficiency outcomes results indicate that such a scenario of losing insects pollination at least 35% of local crop production that were selected would be no longer able to meet local consumption.New insight policies were recommended to enhance a better understanding by addressing the importance of the mutual interest between the crop producers and the ecosystem services provided by insects, which could be achieved by activating the role of agriculture extension and other stakeholders (environmental associations) in Jordan.


Monetary Value, Pollination, Insects, Honeybee, Ecosystem, Jordan

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