Essential Oil of Salvia multicaulis Vahl. Growing Wild in Paveh District (Iran)

Soheila Shahriari, Ghobad Shabani, Reza Tahvilian


The genus Salvia, belong to the Lamiaceae family, consist of about 700 to 900 species throughout the world. Plants belonging to genus Salvia are pharmacologically active and have been used in folk medicine all around the world. The aim of the present study was to detect the essential oils composition of Salvia multicaulis Vahl. collected from Paveh, Kermanshah province. Aerial parts of plant samples were dried in shade condition and the essential oil of the plant obtained by hydrodistillation by Clevenger type apparatus was analyzed by GC/MS. Yield of essential oil was (1.5 % v/w). The results of essential oil analysis showed that among all determined compounds: bornyl acetate (19.46%), borneol (18.53%), camphor (15.21%), β-caryophyllene (5.89%), camphene (5.52%), α-pinene (5.29%), 1,8 Cineol (2.44%) were the main compounds with the greatest content.


Salvia multicaulis, Essential oils, GC/MS, Paveh, Kermanshah

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