Investigating the Managerial, Technical and Communication Infrastructure Affecting the Electronic Marketing of Agricultural Products in Ilam Province

mohammad Bagher arayesh


This Study has been carried out to investigate managerial, technical and communication infrastructures affecting the electronic marketing of agricultural products from the point of view of Jihad Agricultural Organization experts of Ilam Province through a survey descriptive framework. The current research is considered an applied one regarding the objectives and a field research regarding the data gathering method. Also it is an empirical study due to the fact that the independent variables are not completely possible. Regarding the methodology of the study it is considered a causal one. The statistical population of the current study includes all the experts working at the Jihad organization for agriculture in Ilam Province which add up to 463. The sample size was 210 participants, which was calculated by the Cochran’s formula and the stratified random sampling method. The sample was asked to fill out a questionnaire as a means of gathering the required data. In order to confirm the stability of the questionnaire the Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient was used which was calculated to be 0.884, an acceptable range. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the experts related to the field. The data analysis was carried out using SPSS software application version 19. The results of the study showed that there seems to be a significant relationship between the communication, technical and managerial variables with the variable of electronic marketing of agricultural products in Ilam Province so that the three independent variables were able to explain 64 percent of the variance related to the electronic marketing of the agricultural products in Ilam Province.


electronic marketing, agriculture, communication infrastructure, technical infrastructure, managerial infrastructure

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