Investigation of Surface, Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Methods Using GIS

Mohammad Albaji, Mona Golabi, Abdul Rahim Hooshmand, Mohsen Ahmadee


The main objective of this research was to provide a suitable irrigation plan based upon a parametric evaluation system for an area of 1325 ha in the Ghaleh madreseh plain, Iran. The obtained results showed that sprinkler and drip irrigation were highly appropriate methods for 682.3 ha (51.5%) of the study area. Moreover, through applying sprinkler instead of surface and drip irrigation methods, the arability of 1170, 7 ha (88.4%) of Ghaleh madreseh Plain would improve for sprinkler irrigation. Furthermore, the comparison of the different types of irrigation techniques revealed that regarding improving land productivity sprinkler and drip irrigation methods were more effective and efficient than the surface irrigation methods. The parametric evaluation system was employed in evaluating land suitability for surface, sprinkler and drip irrigation. It is of note however, that the main factor limiting the use of all irrigation methods in this area was gravel soil texture.


Surface Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Land Suitability Evaluation, Parametric Method

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