The Impact of Different Grain Media on Mycelium Running Speed of Two Kinds of Mushroom: White and Oyster and Impact of Cold Storing Duration on Spawn Viability

A. Kalhout, M.M. Yabrak, E. Elias, H. Mando, O. Atik, W. Dawalibi, B. Kauro


The research aimed to study the impact of many crops grains, as growth media, on mycelium running speed of white and oyster mushrooms and the impact of cold storing duration on spawn viability. Grains of wheat, barley, oat, millet, sorghum and maize were used as growth media for mycelium loading, in five replicates. Growth media were inoculated with the two fungi and incubated in dark at 24ºC.Time of mycelium running complement on all grain media and for the two strains were calculated. Final spawn was stored at 4ºC for 12 months. The percentage of spawn viability was calculated monthly. Results showed exceeding of wheat medium in the time of mycelium running complement (15 days) when inoculated with white mushroom. While barley medium was the best for oyster mushroom (9 days). Spawn viability of the two strain was 100% when stored at 4ºC for two months, then decreased gradually until 12 months.


White Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, Oster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostereatus, Spawn, Grain Medium.

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