A Preliminary Survey of Nematodes Genera Associated with Citrus Trees in Syrian Coast

Nada Ali Allouf


A total of 22 composite rhizosphareric soil samples and 220 root samples were collected from citrus trees distributed in Syrian Coast. Nematodes were extracted from soil and roots and, then, identified into genera. Population density and absolute frequency of each genus were estimated. Results showed that 19 genera of nematode were associated with citrus trees: Acrobeles, Aphelenchus, Ditylenchus, Dorylaimus, Helicotylenchus, Hoplolaimus, Longidorus, Mesodorylaimus, Mononchus, Paratylenchus, Pelodera, Plectus, Pratylenchus, Prodorylaimus, Rhabditis, Rotylenchus, Tylenchorhynchus, Tylenchulus semipenetrans, Xiphinema. Plant-parasitic nematodes comprised 39% of all nematode population in Lattakia's orchards which was significantly lowered than that in Jableh, Banias and Tartoos; 25%, 21%, and 17%, respectively. Tylenchulus semipenetrans showed the highest absolute frequency (100%) in the collected samples and the highest percentage of root infection (100%) thus an integrated management program of Citrus nematode should be initiated.


Genera, Soil Nematodes, Citrus Nematode, Syria

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