The Cognitive Extensional Needs for Breeders By Preventive Measures against (Foot & Mouth) Disease

Huda Shukur Mahmood


The research was aimed at determining the level of the cognitive extensional needs for breeder by preventive measures against foot and mouth disease at Almishkhab District in Iraq and its relationship with some personal and objective factors. A questionnaire was designed to include two parts: the first part contains information related to some personality and objectivity factors for breeders. The second part of the questionnaire includes the test of cognitive extensional needs for breeder for preventing measures against foot and mouth disease. The sample population(88) breeder was randomly drawn from the total number (612) breeders from all Almishkhab area that mainly specialize in livestock breeding . The results showed that the cognitive extensional needs of breeders of preventive measures against foot and mouth disease in the Almishkhab district were between high and medium in general, with a great variation in their fields of Knowledge of FMD. There was a significant positive correlation between the cognitive extensional needs and each of the following factors: the scientific level, the level of communication sources of information, vaccination against the disease and the size of the fields. Besides, a weak positive correlation with age. The rest of the other factors as type of breeding and times daily animal control and gender did not show any significant correlation with the cognitive extensional needs. Therefore, the current research recommends the necessity to educate the breeders in the Almishkhab- district in the field of preventive measures against FMD. In addition, this research urges the use of extracts of plant volatile oils basil U.s and black bean as preventive measures to compensate the shortage of vaccines imported and acceleration the providing of feedstuff and the financial support to them.


Needs, Livestock, Breeder، Fortification, Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Preventive Measures

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