Supplemental Effect of Plant Extracts of Lepidium sativum and Brassica juncae Seeds on Milk Production and Composition of Awassi Ewes

K Alshawabkeh, S. M. Herzallah, A. A. Al-Fataftah


This experiment was conducted to study the effect of dried plant extract (DPE) Lepidium sativum and Brassica juncae seeds on milk yield, chemical composition and nutritional properties in Awassi ewes' milk. Twenty ewes (3-4 years old and body weight (35-40 kg) were assigned randomly into 5 groups (n = 4). The DPE was prepared by dissolving 1.5 gm from ground dried extract material in one liter drinking water. Treatments were 0 (0-DPE), 2.5 (2.5-DPE), 5 (5-DPE), 7.5 (7.5-DPE) and 10 (10-DPE) ml of the solution which was added daily to 10 ± 0.5 liters of drinking water. Treated water and feed were provided ad libitum during the experimental period (10 weeks). Results showed that milk yield increased by15% in ewes fed 7.5-DPE compared to ewes fed 0-DPE; whereas milk protein and fat contents were not affected. The cholesterol level decreased (14.9-18.9ml/g) in all treated groups compared with the control group. Milk content of vitamins B12, B6 and amino acids (lysine, cystine, and methionine) increased (P<0.05) in DPE groups compared with 0-DPE group. Also CLA increased by 11-34%. From the results obtained in this study, it could be concluded that supplementing lactating Awassi ewes diet with 7.5-DPE in drinking water improved milk yield and composition.


Awassi Sheep Milk, Amino Acids, CLA, Cholesterol and Vitamins B12, and B6.

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