Determination of the Socio-Economic Effective Variables on the Rural Woman's Contribution in Agricultural Plant Sector

Saja AL Zoubi, Abedel Ghani Abdel Latif, Ahamd Jaddouh


This research aims at analyzing the rural woman's contribution in agricultural plant sector and focuses at studying the various variables which affect this contribution. To fulfill the objective of the study, data have been collected through interviewing a random sample of 150 HH in 15 villages selected from two districts: Izraa' and Sanameen. A structured questionnaire was used for the interviews during 2009. The results showed that (53%) of the researchables are mainly responsible for the process of harvesting, followed by the process of weeding by (17.1%) of researchables who work full-time in weeding the ground as well (14.3%) of the researchables have an essential role in the cultivation of the land, while the most important variables affecting the woman's contribution in this field are "the educational level for the researchable, and the farm's participation in the household's income", which these variables combined were responsible for the change in the contribution of woman in the agricultural activity of plant by(66%). The search mentioned some of recommendations, which would improve the rural women's contribution in this field, through establishing institutions concerned with the guarantee of rural woman's rights at agricultural work, finding a suitable marketing channels and provide the necessary facilities to assist women in marketing of their production.


Rural Woman, Rural Woman's Contribution, Agricultural Production, Plant Production

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