A Morphological Study of Data Palm Seeds Strains (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Grown in Basra of Region Using Principal Component Analysis

Abdulkareem M Abd, A. H. Mohamed AL- Taha, Taha. Y. Mhoder


The present study was carried of date palm seeded strains,grown in Basrah of region to investigate certain the characteristic of them.The study included 59 characteristic, included 29 characteristic for the vegetation of growth for 34 strains, 21characteristic for the flowering of growth,9characteristic for the fruits of 25strins selected,out of 34 strain using principal component analysis and cluster analysis, to investigate of similarity and different between study strains.The result indicated of cluster analysis was difference between strains and divided into two groups in the vegetation of characteristic,has been recoded strains (3) convergence more with strains (4) the degree (0.98)%and strains (16) with (11) the degree (0.97)%.showed cluster analysis was also convergence strains (5) with (6) the degree (0.98)%,for the flowering of characteristic,while fruits of characteristic the recoded of strains (21) convergence with (23) the degree (0.97)%,divided of strains to groups and under groups for strain each.The principal component analysis showed that, morphological characters for leaves and fruits could be used for identification and description of date palm cultivars. Those traits included leaf length,leaf base width, spines length,percentage of pinnae base distance were considered the most important vegetative characters and represented 25.75% from the variance between cultivars. From flower characters,length and weight of spathe,length of strand,and mean number of flowers on strand represented about 32.92% from the variance among cultivars.Fruit properties such as weight and length of fruit represented 51.33% from the variance.


Date Palm,Seeded Strains, Morphological Characterization,Principal Component Analysis.

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