The Effect of Plant Density and Planting Date on Protein and Oil Contents in Seeds of Soybean Varieties under Syrian Coast Conditions

Nazeeh Rokiah, Yousef Mohamed, Ola Kajo


This search was conducted in Bouka Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture at Tishreen University during 2007 and 2008 growing seasons on soybean varieties; Sb-373, Sb-314, Sb-44, using two plant densities; 200 and 400 thousand plants/Hectare, and two planting dates; the main date; 10th of May, and the intensive date; 15th of June by using complete randomized plot design with 3 replications. The results showed significant differences between the studied varieties in its seed content of protein and oil. Seeds of variety Sb-314 have the highest protein ratio (34.45%), while the highest oil ratio (22.63%) was recorded in seeds of variety Sb-44. The results showed the studied plant densities have no significant effect on seed content of oil and protein , while the Planting date showed a significant effect on the protein and oil ratios in the seeds where the Oil ratio increased and the protein ratio decreased in the main planting date. by depending on these results we recommend by planting of both the varieties Sb-314 and Sb-44 in the coastal area of Syria.


Soybean, Varieties, Plant Density, Planting Date, Oil, Protein, Syrian Coast.

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