Effects of Cytokinin Hormone (BA) and Chelated Mg on Growth and Flowering of Chrysanthemum hortorum Hort.

Arshad Naji Al-hasnawi, Jamal Ahmed Abbass


The experiment was conducted in two locations. The first one was applied in Babylon Governorate (Jennt Al-Ahlam) nursry. The second location was applied in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape \ College of Agricultural \ University of Kufa during the period of 25/6/2010 untill 3/2/2011 to study the effect of spraying delete three concentrations of Benzyladenine (BA) i.e. 0 , 50 ,100 mg.L-1 and three concentrations of Chelated Magnesium i.e. 0 , 500 , 1000 mg.L-1 on the vegetative and flowering growth of Chrysanthemum plant "Chrysanthemum hortorum Hort." with three spraying times i.e. 1/8/2010 , 1/9/2010 and 1/10/2010 for Chelated Magnesium , and 4/8/2010 , 4/9/2010 , 4/10/2010 for Benzyladenine (BA) for the first location , while for the second location the foliar applications was done after one day of the first location spraying. The experiment conducted as delete Randomized Complete Block Design (R.C.B.D.) in factorial arrangement with three replicates. Duncan's Multiple Range Test was used at probability level of 0.05 to compare the treatment means.
The results showed that spraying plants with Benzyl adenine at concentration of 50 mg.L-1 or Chelated Magnesium at concentration of 1000 mg.L-1 increased significantly all studied characteristics which gave the highest leaf area , shoot dry weight , leaf contents of total chlorophyll , mean number of fruits , root dry weight , number of petals , flower dry weight , vase life , total soluble carbohydrates, and the percentage of Nitrogen and Magnesium while plant height and Zeatin were increased significantly with using Benzyl adenine at concentration of 100 mg.L-1 or Chelated Magnesium at 1000 mg.L-1 as compared to the control treatment. Results revealed that; the interaction between the plant treated with 50 mg.L-1 BA concentration and Chelates Magnesium with 1000 mg.L-1 increased significantly all the studied characteristics in the two locations that producd the highest number of petals ( 80.42 , 74.12 ) and vase life ( 27.25 , 24.97 day ) , in compared to the treatment values in the control treatment.


Chrysanthemum hortorum Hort., Benzyl adenine (BA) , Chelates Magnesium Mg EDTA

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