Studying Some Genetic Indicators to Improve Fruits Quality in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentom MiLL.).

Ghaitha Hasan, Mohammad Yahia Moualla, Hassan Khojah


This research was carried out at the Center of Agricultural Research in AL Qunaytirah, General Commission for Agricultural Scientific Research, during three seasons 2008, 2009 and 2010. Hybridization was performed under protected cultivation as half- diallel crossing using four varieties of tomatoes used as parents (Sahelee12, Orient, Saintpierr and Cherry). The evaluation was based on the Scaling Test to analyze the components of generation means using a randomized complete block design in four replications. The objective was to determine the effect of behavioral genetics, heterosis in first filial F1 and inbreeding depression in F2 of some fruits quality parameters (soluble solids content%, fibres %, total solids contents %, and percentage of cinders) in green house tomatoes. Hybridization was conducted by half-diallel crossing scheme 4x4; to obtain F1 for all crosses, and then F2, F3, BC1 and BC2 generations. The results showed significant differences between the clans of each hybrid in the four studied parameters. The hybrid (Sahelee12 × Orient) gave the significantly highest values of heterosis in sold material percentage ( %6.36), and hybrid (Sahelee12 × Cherry) showed the highest values of heterosis in fibre percentage %)42.87) and dry material percentage (%18.39) and in cinders percentage ( %27.9). The study demonstrated a significant inbreeding deterioration in the second generation, compatible with the direction of their hybrids vigor in most crosses for all studied traits. The proportion of regression ranged from simple, to medium and strong. Reaction genotype analysis of generation means revealed that the additive, dominance and epistasis genetic effects have contributed to the inheritance of some fruits quality values in most of the studied crosses.


Tomatoes, Half-diallel Crosses, Inbreeding, Heterosis, Epistasis.

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