Organic Germinating Media for Vegetable Seeds

Azmi A. Abu Rayyan, Barakat E. Abu Irmaileh


Field experiment was conducted in the greenhouse at the Agriculture Research Station -Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jordan, during the growing season of 2010. This research was directed towards comparing various mixtures of composted organic materials with peat moss used for germination of various vegetable crops. Seeds of six vegetable crops were investigated in germinating media of 100% peat moss and peat moss amended with 25% of cow, layer, broiler, sheep manure or olive pumice. Field soil was also added as a check media. Evaluation was performed on seed germination percentage, seedling height and number of leaves. Results indicated that the used mixtures were capable of showing good to very good germinating percentages when compared to peat moss. Seedling height and leaf number of most used vegetables were affected negatively with pumice when added at 25% in peat moss. Best results were recorded for germination in cow or poultry layer mixed at 25% with peat moss. Therefore, it is important to carry out test trials before selecting the proper media for specific crop seed germination.


Germination; composting; vegetable crops; cow, layer, broiler, sheep manures; olive pumice.

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