Classification of Pediococcus Bacteria Isolated from White Syrian Cheeses



This research aimed at classifying Pediococcus bacteria isolated from white Syrian cheeses which were collected during August 2009 to August 2010 from different areas in Syria. 45 desolates of bacterial isolates are from 80 samples of white fresh cheese. All of them were gram positive; no gas produced. Those bacterias were identified using API system and PCR technique. It was found that P.pentosaceus and P. damnosus were the predominant.
Some of the isolated characterization were studied; it was found out that the isolated came grow in temperature between 20 -40 C. Some isolated might grow in 10 C and 50 C. It was found out that thermo treatments such as slow pasteurization (65°C for 30 min.) and rapid pasteurization (73°C for 15 sec.) were sufficient to kill all strains. All the isolates grow in NaCl concentration between 2.8 and 4.5%.


Pediococcus, Isolation, Classification, White Cheeses

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