The Study of Chemical Propreties of Pentosan with Accompanied Compounds in Some Local Cultivars of Bread and Durum Wheat

Sabeha Hussain Ahmad Aljobory, Mohammad Wajeeh Zainulabideen


Water soluble pentosans were extracted and purified from fourteen certified wheat varieties of local cultivars. Ferulic and diferulic acids and monosaccharides were determined in each of three steps of purification, pentosans content and arabinose to xylose( A/X) ratios were determined . Proteins and protease treated pentosans were isolated by G-100 sephadex gel filtration and followed by electrophoresis to study specification of protein bands. Gel filtration Pentosans and proteins isolated molecular weight were 36,660 – 136,680 and 6,870 -250,000 > Da. respectively An identical protein band which have 14,000 – 16,000 Da. was detected in all tested pentosans . In the first stage of extraction which was done with water, the pentosan contents, A/X, ferulic and diferulic acids were 20.91 -40.25%, 0.51 – 1.03, 0.44- 1.54% and 0.08- 0.62% ,respectively. The protease treated pentosans in the second stage of purification contained 23.99 – 66.01% pentosan that A/X, ferulic and diferulic 0.35 -0.94, 0.08 -0.69% and 0.16 -1.19% respectively Gel filtration pentosans have 47.35 -86.38 % , 0.09-1.10, 0.26 3.38 % and 0.25 – 0.53 % pentosan , A/X, ferulic and diferulic respectively. The statistical analysis showed that there were significant correlation coefficient among NIR wheat hardness and pentosans diferulic r = 0.603 * .


Wheat pentosan, hardness,freluic acid, diferulic acid.

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