A Study on Plowshares Wearing Behavior under Conditions of Sandy Loam Soil

T. Fouda, M. El-Tarhuny


The wearing behavior of three different plowshares A, B and C with different HVN Vickers hardness number 417, 363 and 320 HVN was experimentally investigated. The experiment was conducted in sandy loam soil with 8 and 11% moisture contents. Wearing rate, wearing resistance, critical wearing value, specific wear and share expected life were determined as a function of change in share position (front and rear), soil moisture content and working time.
The obtained results have revealed the following:
•Share expected life increased while wearing rate decreased by increasing share surface hardness.
•Share expected life was higher while wearing rate was lower for rear share compared with the front share.
•Increasing soil moisture content from 8 to 11% decreased share expected life for the three experimental shares.


Plowshares, Hardness, Wearing Rate, Wearing Resistance, Critical Wearing Value, Specific Wear Expected Life

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