Investigation of Acrylamide Levels in Selected Fried Foods in Syria

Lamyaa Husamo, Taufik Yassin, Lina A. Al-Mograbi


This research aims at investigating the acrylamide content in potato chips, fried potato and falafel from local markets and studying the effects of different frying temperatures (130, 150 and 170°C), frying oils (sunflower, cotton and olive oils) and shape of potato pieces (fingers and slices) on the acrylamide content in fried potato processed under controlled conditions. As a result, the average values of acrylamide levels in potato chips, fried potato and falafel samples were 469.33, 56.46 and 153.78 µg/kg, respectively. In the raw potato prepared and fried under controlled conditions, the acrylamide levels (0, 106.62 and 229±5.75 µg/kg) were significantly different (P<0.5) at different frying temperatures (130,150 and170°C), respectively and (106.62 and 526.58 µg/kg) for two shapes of pieces (fingers and slices), respectively. The acrylamide level for olive oil frying was nearly undetectable (11.97 µg/kg) and significantly different from both cotton oil and sunflower oil (106.62 and 91.84 µg/kg). respectively.


Acrylamide, Potato chips, Fried potato, Falafel, Strata X-C cartridge – HPLC-UV

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