Comparative Study of Scrotal Circumference and Semen Characteristics of Mountain Black Goat and Its Crossbred with Damascus Goat as Affected by Different Factors

R. T. Kridli, M. J. Tabbaa, R. M. Sawalha, M. G. Amashe


This study was designed to examine semen profiles of Mountain Black Goat bucks (BG) and its Crossbred with Damascus goat (CB) prior to the breeding season under arid conditions of Jordan. Semen was collected via electro-ejaculation. Scrotal circumference was significantly influenced by breed (P < 0.01) and buck age (P < 0.05). The difference in scrotal circumference between yearlings and matures was reflected upon Ejaculate Volume (EV) as matures had significantly greater EV (P < 0.05) than yearlings. With respect to breed, there was a strong tendency (P < 0.10) for BG bucks to have greater EV than CB bucks. Horned bucks tended to be heavier than polled bucks (P < 0.10) without having any effects on semen characteristics. Results of the present study indicate that breed of buck did not influence any of the measured variables. Buck age and the presence of horns affected body weight and scrotal circumference without influencing semen characteristics.


Buck semen, Reproduction, Mountain Black goat, Damascus goat

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