Genetic Characterization of Date Palm Varieties Using RAPD Markers

Ibrahim Rawashdeh, Ahmed Amri


Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers (RAPD) were used to characterize five date palm varieties, Tabarzal, Zagloul, Mekfazy, Barhee and Nabt Saif. Thirty primers were polymorphic among which seven were highly polymorphic and were used to differentiate them from the five date palm varieties. A tree allowed the clustering of the five date palm varieties into four groups: Zagloul and Mekfazy formed the first group while the remaining three varieties each form a separate group. Some bands were unique for the studied varieties. Based on the results, all varieties were different based on RAPD technique showing that this technique could be used efficiently to study the genetic diversity in date palm and to help in the identification of varieties. It can also help in studying the genetic diversity among and within date palm varieties and populations.


RAPD, Amplification, Primer, Date palm, Genetic diversity

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