Effect of Muslin Bagging Technique on the Control of Greater Date Moth: Arenipses sebella (Hamps.) Lepidoptera: Pyralidae and Lesser Date Moth Batrrachedra amydraula (Meyr) Lepidoptera: Mumphidaon on Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. in Jordan.

Muna Mashal, Basil Abeidate, Naser Romea


A bagging technique experiment was conducted in two sites in the Jordan valley; Ghour kibed in the mid
Ghour and Bakoura in Al-Showna Al-Shamalia. The experiment started in March and ended at the fruits
harvesting day in both seasons of 2002 and 2003.
The experiment was conducted by using CRBD with three blocks and five treatments. The 1st treatment
(Cascade treatment) was induced by spraying Cascade insecticide bimonthly in March, May, July and
September. The 2nd treatment (reiterated bagging with Cascade spraying) was applied by spraying Cascade
at blooming stage and bagging the treated branches with muslin bags for two weeks. Then bags were
pulled out for 70 days, the same procedure was repeated in June for the same treatment. The 3rd treatment
(muslin treatment) was carried out by bagging the branches in March until harvesting date. The 4th
treatment (Cascade spraying and muslin bagging treatment) was applied by spraying branches with
Cascade then bagging the treated ones to harvesting date. The last and fifth treatment was a control with no
Results showed that the lowest infestation and intensity percentages of the fruits by the two lepidopterous
insects; greater and lesser date moths were in the fourth treatment, then in the third one. On the other hand,
infestation and intensity percentages were not significantly different from control, first and the second
Fruits weight of the yield under the effect of these five treatments was highest with significant differences
in the fourth one. While the lowest yield weight was under the effect of the first treatment and the control
then the second one. On the other hand, the whole caging of date branches prevented infestation of the
fruits by the most serious fruit pests which normally attack the fruits as storage insects, wasps, house flies,
birds and rats.


Date Palm, Bagging Technique, Muslin, Infestation, Greater and Lesser Date Moths.

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