Isolate and Diagnose the Fungus Cladosporium sphaerospermum as a Causal Agent of Date Palm Leaves Necrosis for the First Time in the Province of Basra,Iraq

Alaa Naser Ahmed


This study was conducted in the laboratories of Date Palm Research Center - University of Basra / Iraq , to diagnose the cause of disease, necrosis of leaves of date palm. It was identified as Cladosporium sphaerospermum and this is the first record of the fungus as the causative agent of the disease in the province of Basra.The results of the pathogenicity test revealed that the infected tissues showed necrosis with colored yellowish brown to gray colour. Also, longitudinal section of the diseased date palm leaves showed light brown discoloration. The ability of the fungus to infect different date palm cultivers showed that the highest rate of infection was recorded Sayer and the lowest rate of infection was in Barhee cultiver. The study indicated also that the optimum temperature for the growth of C. sphaerospermum was 30 ºC. The fungus was also able to secrete cellulase and phenol oxidase enzymes. The results revealed also Trichoderma harzianum had high capacity to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungus C. sphaerospermum where the percentage inhibition reached 69.66%.


Date palm ,necrosis of leaves of date palm, Cladosporium Trichoderma harzianum, sphaerospermum

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