The Effect of Housing System on Productive Traits of Hens

Mohamad Al-mahrous


90 Hens from commercial hybrid Babcock 300-b housed in two housing system, The first was on deep litter ( 60 hens ) and the second in Battery cages ( 30 hens ). The caged hens were showed superiority ( P < 0.05 ) concerning sexual maturity ( - 7.27 days ), eggs production at period 21-37 weeks ( + 0.11 egg/day ) egg weight ( 1.12 g ) and feed intake ( -21 g/hen/day ), as also rose eggs mass, The difference was not significant regarding egg form. The hens on deep litter laid 16.5 % of eggs in out of nests. And those in Battery cages had 0.8 % clickable eggs.


Ground housed, cages housed, Hens eggs, Babcock, sexual maturity, eggs production, egg weight, feed intake, egg mass, clickable eggs

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