A Study on in vitro Propagation of the Apple Rootstock MM111

K. Al-Rihani, A. Khalhout, A. Dayoub, Ahmad Abdul-Kader


Shoot tips, single nodes and axillary buds of MM111 apple rootsocks were used as primary explants which were surface-disinfected using different concentrations of sodium or calcium hypochlorite or HgCl2 for different periods.Then, they were grown on half–strength macronutrients of an MS- based medium with addition of antioxidants and adsorbents to reduce the phenol oxidation, whereafter they were placed onto an MS basal medium containing a combination of plant growth regulators at different concentrations of BA (at 2.22 or 4.44 µM) each with IBA at 0.49 or 1.47 µM, with 0.58 µM GA3.
For induction of roots, 2-3 cm long shoots were cultured on 1/2MS agar-gelled media containing IBA at concentrations of 0.49, 2.45, 4.90, 9.80 or 14.70 µM and kept in darkness for a week before transferring them onto an MS basal medium without plant growth regulators.
Effect of liquid media on rooting by omitting agar from the best rooting media in comparision with agar-gelled ones was studied. Further, addition of 1.0 g of Activated Charcoal (AC) to the best rooting media was also studied.
Rooted plantlets were transplanted into pots with a mixture of 2:1 (v/v) peat:perlite and acclimatized gradually to field conditions with 75 % efficiency.


Apple rootstock, MM111, Plant tissue culture, Plant growth regulators

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