Studying the Vegetative Growth of the Cucumber Hybrid (Amir F1) Grafted on Different Rootstocks and Its Tolerance to the Fusarium Wilt Disease under Protected Cultivation Conditions

علاء سهيل ابراهيم, عمر حمودي, جورج أسمر, نصر شيخ سليمان


The investigation was conducted during 2013-2014 in Baniyas - Tartous. Growth and tolerance of cucumber Hybrid (Amir F1) grafted on 5 rootstocks: RS 841 F1, Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata, Lagenaria siceraria and Luffa cylindrica to the fusarium wilt disease were studied and compared with non-grafted plants (control).
The results showed that the growth of grafted plants on L. siceraria was significantly weaker than other treatments and the control in fusarium inoculation conditions. There were not significant differences between the control and grafted plants on Cucurbita spp. rootstocks in growth characteristics, but the height, leaves number and fresh weight of roots significantly decreased in the control plants in fusarium inoculation conditions compared to the grafted plants on C. maxima and RS 841 F1. Fusarium disease severity significantly increased in grafted plants on L. siceraria compared to other inoculated treatments which meant that cucumber Hybrid (Amir F1) grafted on L. siceraria was sensitive to fusarium wilt disease, while the control and other treatments were tolerant.


grafting, cucumber, wilt, Cucurbita, Lagenaria siceraria


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