Comparison of Parametric and non-Parametric Methods for Selecting Stable and Adapted Durum Wheat Cultivars under Semi-arid Conditions

Guendouz A., Hafsi M.


This study aimed to estimate six parametric and non-parametric measures derived from grain yield of ten durum wheat cultivars to assess their stability and adaptability under semi- arid conditions (Eastern Algeria). The combined analysis over years and the non-parametric tests of genotype × environment interaction indicated the presence of significant crossover because cultivars rank changes across environments. Parametric and non-parametric stability statistics revealed that Mexicali75 and Hoggar were the most stable genotypes. As a result of the current analyses, the cultivars Mexicali75 and Hoggar were released for use in conditions of Eastern Algeria.


Durum wheat, Yield stability, AMMI, G×E interaction, Parametric and non-parametric measures.

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