Design and Fabrication of Grain Collecting Machine and Evaluation of Some of Its Factors to Determine the Exact Losses at the Harvest Time

Ehsan Ghajarjazi, Mohsen Azadbakht, Farshid Ghaderi-Far


This study aims to determine the Exact Losses grains that are wasted on the ground and loss in the operations of harvesting and Deign a collector capable of collecting the grains shattered in the field due to harvesting. The design was made based on certain assumptions and calculations and the collector was built, tested and evaluated. The test included pump suction speed at 3 levels (24000, 27000 and 30000 rpm), length of transferring pipes at three levels (200, 270 and 340 cm) and 3 types of grains (canola, wheat and soybean). Collecting tests for each of the 3 speeds and 3 pipe length and 3 types of grain were replicated 3 times and each time the collected grain was separated from the soil and the weight of each was obtained. The results showed that there were significant differences at 1% level between all parameters tested. Pipe length of 200 cm gave the best collection performance at any pump speed. Canola can be collected best at any speed, however, wheat and soybean need faster speed (27000 or 30000).


Fabrication, grain, collecting machine, harvest losses.

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