Effect of Ethephon on Growth and Yield Components of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) 1-Yield and Quality

Ghazwan K. Al-Taei, Saad-adeen M. Al-Hafodhi


This study was carried out in field trial for the winter season 2003-2004 in the silk house of the Department of Biology / College of Education to investigate the effect of ethephon concentration (0, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000) ppm with spraying at three growth stages (seedling stage, vegetative growth stage and first flowering growth stage) which correspond to ages (30, 60, 90) days, respectively on growth, yield components of local fenugreek (Indian helba). The design used is R.C.B.D. with three replicates. Treatment with ethephon (500) ppm increased biological yield, and there was no significant difference between dates of spraying. Number of pods per plant increased at ethephon 500 ppm with 1st spraying date having significantly advanced more than other dates. Ethephon at 500 ppm increased Harvest Index (H.I.) and 1st date has advanced more than 3rd spraying date. All of ethephon levels increased dry weight of pods as compared with control ethephon, and there was no difference between spraying dates. Length of pods increased at ethephon 500-1000 ppm, and 2nd spraying date has less effect than others.
Treatment with ethephon 500-1000 ppm increased no. of seeds/pod with 1st date having significantly advanced more than others. Ethephon at 500 ppm increased seeds weight/pod and there was no significant differences between spraying dates. Ethephon at 500ppm increased seed yield/m2, and 1st date has more significantly advanced than 3rd spraying date. Treatment with ethephon 1000ppm increased (1000 seeds weight), and 1st date was more advanced than others. Ethephon levels at 1500-2000 ppm increased protein % in the seeds and 3rd date was more advanced than others. Treatment with high levels of ethephon 4000 ppm increased oil% in seeds with 3rd date having more advanced than 1st date.


Ethephon, Growth, Yield components, Fenugreek

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