Study of Genetic Diversity in Crocus hyemalis Boiss. and Blanche Using RAPD Techniques

Maha Q. Syouf, Moath Al-Gharaibeh, Rida A. Shibli, Feras Q. Alali, Hussein Migdadi


Genetic relationships among populations of Crocus hyemalis Boiss. and Blanche collected from different regions of Jordan were studied using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA analysis. C. hyemalis was also compared to the cultivated species C. sativus and C. vernus. RAPD and the cluster analysis indicated high degree of inter- and intra-populations variation within the wild C. hyemalis populations. High genetic association was found among some wild populations originating from the same collection sites. The close genetic similarity of the C. hyemalis collected from Al-Burge with the cultivated C. vernus may indicate that this population could be easily brought into cultivation as an ornamental crop due to its showy flowering habit. The possibility of having a new subspecies from C. hyemalis population collected from Al-Burge, will be challenged by future rigorous taxonomic analysis and morphological investigation.


Crocus, RAPD, Genetic diversity, Jordan wild plants

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