Taxonomical and Ecological Study of Corophiidae Family (Amphipoda) in the Coastal Region of Lattakia

Mahmoud Karrum, Adib Zeini, Amine Alnesser


The family of Corophiidae belongs to the suborder Gammaridea and the order Amphipoda. These Crustaceans have an important role in the food chains in the sea environment and contribute to the fish and benthic invertebrates nutrition. They are considered as bioindicators for sea pollution. They also help in the cleaning of the environment.
This study aimed to identify Corophiidae species and to establish a map for their distribution in the coastal areas of Lattakia.
The study was conducted in 3 regions (Ras ibnHani, Marine Research Institute and Shkayfat near Jableh). Samples were collected periodically. Characterization for samples was based on the international criteria of taxonomy.
Our results detected the presence pf the two species C.acutum and E. Brasiliensis belonging the genera Corophium and Ericthonius, respectively, in the coastal regions of Lattakia for the first time. The abundance of individuals of these species was evaluated and the changes in numbers and places were estimated during the period of the study.
This study contributes positively to the national project of marine biodiversity.


Taxonomy, Gammaridea, Corophiidae, abundance, Ecology, Pollution, Lattakia, Syria

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