The Distribution of Lysozyme in Various Fluids and Tissues of the Chicken with Reference to Polymorphism

Zainab I. Bazlamit, Ibrahim M. Ibrahimi


Various tissues and fluids were isolated from the chicken. Their lysozyme content and level of activity were determined using the lysoplate and turbidimetric assays. Lysozyme activity was detected in all tissues and fluids examined, albeit to various degrees. The type of lysozyme and its polymorphism were determined using denaturing and native gel electrophoresis coupled with the overlay gel activity patterns. A total of 4 lysozyme polymorphs were detected and were found to have tissue specific distribution. Both c- and g-type lysozymes were detected in different parts of the digestive tract of the chicken and in several non-digestive tissues. We report, for the first time, the presence and polymorphism of lysozyme in the tears of the chicken. By the retention of lysozyme activity on denaturing gels, we report, also for the first time, the presence of both c- and g-type lysozymes in the egg white of the chicken.


Lysozyme, Chicken, Polymorphism

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