Natural and Contaminated Radioactive isotopes in Soils of Salah Aldeen, Iraq

Shaker M. Al-Jobori, Ali A. Fahad Al-Taii, Farid M. Mohammed, Marwan R. Abass


The objective of the present study was to investigate the natural isotopes in soil of Salah Aldeen Governorate, 200 km north Baghdad, Iraq and the possible contamination from 137Cs and depleted uranium (DU). High-resolution gamma spectrometric system with a relative efficiency of 50% was employed for the measurement of 232Th, 226Ra, 40K, and 137Cs activity in the soil samples. The ratio 235U/238U was calculated to indicate the presence of DU and possible contamination. In general, all values of the natural isotopes are within the range of normal expectation found in soils. Activity concentration of 40K exhibited higher values in the range 200 to 400 Bq/kg although these values seem lower than values reported in soils of other countries. Although the magnitudes of 137Cs concentration were low as compared with natural isotopes, the range value was very wide. Based on 235U/238U ratio, it is evident that the investigated soil samples were none contaminated with depleted uranium.


Soil, Natural Radioisotopes, 137Cs, Depleted Uranium

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